Poster Presentations


  • 174 Raúl Falcón. Enumeration and classification of self-orthogonal partial Latin rectangles by using the polynomial method
  • 156 Delia Garijo, Andrew Goodall and Jaroslav Nesetril. Polynomial graph invariants from homomorphism numbers
  • 157 Vikram Kamat and Neeldhara Misra. An Erdos--Ko--Rado theorem for matchings in the complete graph
  • 165 Fábio Botler and Yoshiko Wakabayashi. A constrained path decomposition of cubic graphs and the path number of cacti
  • 178 Sagnik Sen. On push chromatic number of planar graphs and planar p-cliques  
  • 97  Vitor Costa, Simone Dantas, Mitre Dourado, Lucia Penso and Dieter Rautenbach. Firefighting with General Weights
  • 106 Eckhard Steffen and Michael Schubert. Nowhere-zero flows on signed regular graphs
  • 139 Bernadette Charron-Bost, Matthias Függer and Thomas Nowak. New Transience Bounds for Long Walks in Weighted Digraphs
  • 123 Julien Bensmail. Complexity of determining the irregular chromatic index of a graph