Monday Sept 9th 10.30 - 12.15

Session 1



Erd"{o}s Problems:

42  Roman Glebov, Jan Volec and Daniel Král. A problem of Erd"{o}s and Sos on 3-graphs

119 Zoltán Füredi, Dániel Gerbner and Mate Vizer. An analogue of the Erd"{o}s-Ko-Rado theorem for multisets

34  Jean-Florent Raymond and Dimitrios Thilikos. Polynomial Gap Extensions of the Erd"{o}s-Pósa Theorem

17  Dieter Rautenbach, Dirk Meierling and Thomas Sasse. The Erd"{o}s-Pósa Property for Long Circuits



Algebra I:

149 Dirk Oliver Theis and Mirjam Friesen. Fooling-sets and rank in nonzero characteristic

171 Tadashi Sakuma and Hidehiro Shinohara. Krasner near factorizations and 1-overlapped factorizations

11  Vladimir Blinovsky. Correlation Inequality for Formal Series

88  Witold Kraskiewicz and Jerzy Weyman. Covariants of spherical $Theta$-orbits for types



Enumerations, Lattices and Tableaux:

175 Axel Bacher. Directed and multi-directed animals on the King's lattice

49  Susanna Fishel and Matjaz Konvalinka. Results and conjectures on the number of standard strong marked tableaux

26  Ron Aharoni, Daniel Kotlar and Ran Ziv. On independent transversals in matroidal Latin squares

161 Axel Bacher and Gilles Schaeffer. Multivariate Lagrange inversion formula and the cycle lemma



Monday Sept 9th 15.25 - 17.10

Session 2



Graphs I :

45  Henning Bruhn, Pierre Charbit and Jan Arne Telle. The graph formulation of the union-closed sets conjecture

19  Oliver Schaudt and Henning Bruhn. The union-closed sets conjecture almost holds for almost all random bipartite graphs

112 Daniela Kühn, Allan Lo, Deryk Osthus and Katherine Staden. The robust component structure of dense regular graphs

62  Cristina Dalfó and Miguel Angel Fiol. The (Delta,D) and (Delta,N) Problems in Double-Step Digraphs with Unilateral Diameter



Games I:

53  Tobias Muller and Milos Stojakovic. A threshold for the Maker-Breaker clique game

56  Andrzej Grzesik, Mirjana Mikalacki, Zoltan Lorant Nagy, Alon Naor, Balazs Patkos and Fiona Skerman. Avoider-Enforcer star games

103 Anita Liebenau and Dennis Clemens. On the threshold bias in the oriented cycle game

110 Dennis Clemens, Dan Hefetz, Asaf Ferber, Roman Glebov and Anita Liebenau. Building spanning trees quickly in Maker-Breaker games



Randomness I :

108 Florent Foucaud, Guillem Perarnau and Oriol Serra. Random subgraphs make identification affordable

177 Elad Aigner-Horev and Hiep Han. On two-point configurations in subsets of pseudo-random sets

72  Michel Bode, Nikolaos Fountoulakis and Tobias Mueller. On the giant component of random hyperbolic graphs

85  Hamed Amini, Nikolaos Fountoulakis and Konstantinos Panagiotou. Discontinuous bootstrap percolation in power-law random graphs



Tuesday Sept 10th 10.30 - 12.15

Session 3



Graphs II:

134 Swee Hong Chan, Henk Hollmann and Dmitrii Pasechnik. Critical groups of generalized de Bruijn and Kautz graphs and circulant matrices over finite fields

61  Noga Alon and Andrey Kupavskii. Two notions of unit distance graphs

84  Abiad Aida, Miguel Angel Fiol, Willem H. Haemers and Guillem Perarnau. An Interlacing Approach for Bounding the Sum of Laplacian Eigenvalues of Graphs

66  Yonah Cherniavsky, Avraham Goldstein and Vadim Levit. On the Structure of the Group of Balanced Labelings on Graphs: Extended abstract



Cycles , Girth of Graphs and Planarity:

158 Robert Samal. Cycle-continuous mappings -- order structure

64  Silvia Messuti and Mathias Schacht. On the structure of graphs with given odd girth and large minimum degree

163 Julián Salas and Camino Balbuena. On the order of cages with a given girth pair

98  Cristina Fernandes, Tina Janne Schmidt and Anusch Taraz. On the Structure of Graphs with Large Minimum Bisection



Ramsey  Theory and Fixed-points:

92  Guilherme Mota, Gábor N. Sárközy, Mathias Schacht and Anusch Taraz. Ramsey numbers for bipartite graphs with small bandwidth

113 Tomáš Valla, Josef Cibulka, Marek Krc(ál, Pu Gao and Pavel Valtr. Polynomial Bounds on Geometric Ramsey Numbers of Ladder Graphs

100 Mahir Bilen Can, Yonah Cherniavsky and Tim Twelbeck. Bruhat-Chevalley order on fixed-point-free involutions: Extended Abstract

162 Elyot Grant and Will Ma. A Geometric Approach to Combinatorial Fixed-Point Theorems



Wednesday  Sept 11th 10.30 - 12.15

Session 4



Planar Graphs I:

68  Marthe Bonamy. Planar graphs with Delta>=8 are (Delta+1)-edge-choosable.

76  Martin Derka and Petr Hlineny. Planar Emulators Conjecture Is Nearly True for Cubic Graphs

136 Marc Noy and Lander Ramos. Random planar graphs with minimum degree two and three

25  Montassier Mickaël, Arnaud Pêcher and Raspaud André. Strong chromatic index of planar graphs with large girth



Combinatorics and Algorithms I

80  Xavier Goaoc, Jiri Matousek, Pavel Patak, Zuzana Safernova and Martin Tancer. Simplifying inclusion - exclusion formulas

22  Daniel Gerbner, Gyula O.H. Katona, Domotor Palvolgyi and Balazs Patkos. Majority and Plurality Problems

144 David Hartman, Jan Hubicka and Jaroslav Nesetril. Combinatorial Bounds on Relational Complexity

5   Rameshwar Pratap, Sourav Chakraborty and Akshay D Kamath. Testing Uniformity of Stationary Distribution



Graphs and Geometry 

20  Andrea Jiménez, Mihyun Kang and Martin Loebl. Directed Cycle Double Covers: Hexagon Graphs

154 Jop Briet, Harry Buhrman, Monique Laurent, Teresa Piovesan and Giannicola Scarpa. Zero-error source-channel coding with entanglement

176 Peter Whalen and Robin Thomas. Finding an Odd K3,3

58  L. Sunil Chandran, Wilfried Imrich, Rogers Mathew and Deepak Rajendraprasad. Boxicity and Cubicity of Product Graphs



Wednesday  Sept 11th 15.25 - 17.10

Session 5



Geometry and Surfaces I:

55  Ross J. Kang and Tobias Mueller. Arrangements of pseudocircles and circles

79  Nick Gravin, Mihail Kolountzakis, Sinai Robins and Dmitry Shiryaev. EXTENDED ABSTRACT FOR STRUCTURE RESULTS FOR MULTIPLE TILINGS IN 3D

130 Jan Kyncl and Zuzana Safernova. On the nonexistence of k-reptile simplices in R^3 and R^4

4   Imre Barany and Janos Pach. Homogeneous selections from hyperplanes



Hypergraphs and Polynomials:

75  Dan Hefetz and Peter Keevash. A hypergraph Tur'an theorem via Lagrangians of intersecting families

77  Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus and Timothy Townsend. Fractional and integer matchings in uniform hypergraphs

29  Andrew Treglown and Yi Zhao. Tight minimum degree conditions forcing perfect matchings in uniform hypergraphs

54  Lorenzo Luperi Baglini. Partition Regularity of Nonlinear Polynomials: a Nonstandard Approach



9A Graphs III:

126 Rémy Belmonte, Pim van 'T Hof, Marcin Kaminski and Daniel Paulusma. The Price of Connectivity for Feedback Vertex Set

180 Endre Csoka. A local flow algorithm in bounded degree networks

135 Fabricio S. Benevides, Victor Campos, Mitre Dourado, Rudini Sampaio and Ana Silva. The maximum time of 2-neighbour bootstrap percolation: algorithmic aspects

67  Peter Keevash and Richard Mycroft. A multipartite Hajnal-Szemerédi theorem



Thursday  Sept 12th 10.30 - 12.15

Session 6



Geometry and Surfaces II:

73  Sinai Robins, Amanda Folsom and Winfried Kohnen. Conic theta functions and what they tell us about integer polyhedral cones

57  Erika Coelho, Mitre Dourado, Dieter Rautenbach and Jayme Szwarcfiter. The Carath'{e}odory Number of the $P_3$ Convexity of Chordal Graphs

153 Michal Kotrbcik and Martin Skoviera. Locally-Maximal Embeddings of Graphs in Orientable Surfaces

101 Natalia García-Colín, Jorge Arocha, Javier Bracho and Isabel Hubard. A characterization of triangulations of closed surfaces



Combinatorics and algorithms II:

99  Vladimir Shenmaier. Complexity and Approximation of the Smallest k-Enclosing Ball Problem

21  Lale Ozkahya and Brendon Stanton. On a covering problem in the hypercube

116 Marcin Gasiorek and Daniel Simson. A Classification of Positive Posets Using Isotropy Groups of Dynkin Diagrams

114 Antoine Deza, Frédéric Meunier and Pauline Sarrabezolles. A combinatorial approach to colourful simplicial depth



Randomness and Games :


104 Michael Drmota and Anna Llado. On a conjecture of Graham and H"{a}ggkvist for random trees

50  Katarzyna Rybarczyk. Sharp threshold functions via a coupling method

164 Elie De Panafieu and Ravelomanana Vlady. Analytic Description of the Phase Transition of Inhomogeneous Multigraphs

128 Paul Dorbec, Gabriel Renault, Aaron Siegel and Éric Sopena. Dicots, and a taxonomic ranking for misère games



Thursday  Sept 12th 16:00 - 17.45

Session 7



Colorings I:

172 Micha Lason', Piotr Micek, Arkadiusz Pawlik and Bartosz Walczak. Coloring intersection graphs of arcwise connected sets in the plane

48  Guus Regts. A characterization of edge-reflection positive partition functions of vertex-coloring models

141 Hervé Hocquard, Marthe Bonamy and Nicolas Bousquet. Adjacent vertex-distinguishing edge coloring of graphs

43  Anita Das, Suresh P and Subrahmanya S. V.. Rainbow path and minimum degree in properly edge colored graphs



Cubic graphs:

9   Giuseppe Mazzuoccolo and Louis Esperet. On cubic bridgeless graphs whose edge-set cannot be covered by four perfect matchings

91  Simone Dantas, Felix Joos, Christian Loewenstein, Dieter Rautenbach and Deiwison Sousa. Relating Ordinary and Total Domination in Cubic Graphs of Large Girth

115 Robert Lukotka, Edita Macajova, Ján Mazák and Martin Skoviera. Snarks with large oddness and small number of vertices

36  Robert Lukotka and Ján Mazák. Non-trivial snarks with given circular chromatic index



Hamiltonicity and Geometry:

40  Daniela Kühn, John Lapinskas, Deryk Osthus and Viresh Patel. Proof of a conjecture of Thomassen on Hamilton cycles in highly connected tournaments

27  Béla Csaba, Daniela Kühn, Allan Lo, Deryk Osthus and Andrew Treglown. Proof of the $1$-factorization and Hamilton decomposition conjectures

159 Andrzej Dudek, Alan Frieze, Andrzej Rucin'ski and Matas Šileikis. Regular Hypergraphs: Asymptotic Counting and Loose Hamilton Cycles

94  Massimo Giulietti. Quasi-perfect linear codes from singular plane cubics



Friday September 13th  10.30 - 12.15

Session 8



Colorings II:

102 Victor Campos, Carlos Lima and Ana Silva. b-coloring graphs with girth at least 8

69  Barbora Candráková and Edita Mácajová. The circular chromatic index of k - regular graphs

83  Carl Georg Heise, Konstantinos Panagiotou, Oleg Pikhurko and Anusch Taraz. Coloring d-Embeddable k-Uniform Hypergraphs

65  Reza Naserasr, Edita Rollova and Eric Sopena. Homomorphisms of signed bipartite graphs



Planar Graphs II:

38  Robert Lukotka, Ján Mazák and Xuding Zhu. Degenerated induced subgraphs of planar graphs

155 Reza Naserasr, Edita Rollova and Éric Sopena. On homomorphisms of planar signed graphs to signed projective cubes

90  Gabor Korchmaros. Classification of k-nets embedded in a plane

93  Clemens Huemer and Anna de Mier. An improved lower bound on the maximum number of non-crossing spanning trees



Friday September 13th  15.25 - 17.10

Session  9



89  Tom Bohman and Peter Keevash. Dynamic concentration of the triangle-free process

96  Zdenek Dvorák, Jean-Sébastien Sereni and Jan Volec. Subcubic triangle-free graphs have fractional chromatic number at most 14/5

47  Nieke Aerts and Stefan Felsner. Henneberg Steps for Triangle Representations

15  Agelos Georgakopoulos. Square Tilings and the Poisson Boundary